Never Believe The Myth That Smoking Pipes Is Safer Than Cigarettes

Are you a person that hates a cigarette, but loves smoking a pipe? Do you really think these are any safer than those cigarettes? You think because you do not inhale the smoke from your pipe that they are safer? They are not. It is true that you usually do not inhale the smoke from a pipe, but you can still develop the same problems as someone who smokes cigars or cigarettes. You can still get cancer of all kinds and variety of other smoking related ailments. Smoking a pipe with tobacco you can still get cancer of the mouth, pancreas, lungs, and so many more places. You are still getting the same things from this pipe as you do that cigarette.

Most of you that smoke a pipe do so because you think it makes you like the taste and the smell better than cigars or pipes. Even watching television shows you might see this important upper class person smoking one of these things. You are also able to buy pipe tobacco in various flavors and strengths that might not be available in a lot of cigarette brands. Pipes require a little more maintenance because they have to be cleaned occasionally and repacked with loose tobacco each time you use it. This is a habit that pipe smokers might become accustomed to doing as part of their smoking process.

A person might seem to think that it is easier to stop smoking pipes because you might not be having them in your hand or mouth as often as a cigarette. It is considered a habit just like smoking a cigarette and you still get the tar and nicotine. You can still send out the second hand smoke and it can be a little heavier because more tobacco is being burned at once. Some of you smoke them because you might think that you can not get lung cancer. You even have a lot of cigarette smokers that think if they do not inhale that they will not get it either, but this is only a myth.

The best way for you not to get any of the health problems associated with smoking is to not smoke any of these items at all. If you do, then you should quit before any of these things hit you. You body can only take so much and then it will send you the signs that something is wrong. When you decide it is time to quit, find a professional that can help. Help in quitting smoking any tobacco product could come from your family,friends, or a stop smoking aid. It might require all of them in order to quit successfully. If you think about what this habit of yours is doing to them as well, it might be one of the best incentives to help you quit.

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