Causes, Signs, And Therapies Of Goiter

There are many factors that will induce goiters, for example having an iodine deficiency or having a diet that is full of foods that hinder the production of hormone-inhibiting foods like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Yet another factor that cause goiters is Graves disease. This is when your thyroid gland produces too much of the thyroid hormone. Hashimotos disease is still another factor when it comes to goiters. When the thyroid is underactive, Hashimoto disease occurs. Additionally, it is an autoimmune disorder. Thyroid cancer is another factor when it comes to goiters. It is, however, odd and usually will appear as an enlargement ‘on one side of the thyroid.’

Pregnancy is yet another factor that can cause a goiter. A hormone that may be produced when a woman is pregnant-HCG-may trigger your thyroid gland to enlarge but the enlargement is minimal.

It’s true that goiters can happen to anybody ;however, they are more prevalent when a person turns 50. There are risk factors when getting a goiter and they are:

The sex of a person-goiters typically occur with women

Not having ample iodine in your system


Medical history


Menopause and Pregnancy

To evaluate and diagnose goiters, your physician may well discover a goiter by having a routine physical exam by feeling your neck and then having you swallow. As a result, your physician may feel nodules. Also, Goiters can be found by having the patient take a hormone test. An antibody test also can show the presence of antibodies. A thyroid scan can also reveal if there is a goiter. Still, a different way to see if there is a goiter is by means of performing a biopsy.

The treatment of a goiter is determined by the symptoms you have, the size of the goiter, and the reason why the goiter has formed. Additionally, if your goiter is small and is not causing you problems, your doctor might want to wait and see how it goes for a while before going any further. In addition, there are certain medications that can help with some of the symptoms of a goiter. As well as getting enough iodine, surgery is also another option when treating a goiter. Getting enough iodine can be done by using iodized salt and by eating seafood.

Goiter, on the whole, can be prevented. Eating foods that are high in iodine can surely help. Although there tend to be a variety of ways to detect the early signs of goiter, the most effecient one is by considering lab tests to make the diagnosis more accurate. You possibly can consult your doctor if the above symptoms are felt.

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