Chlamydia – Effective Treatment For Chlamydia

Chlamydia is an infection and is considered as a common sexually transmitted infection. In fact in the US alone, around 2.8 million cases of this infection are recorded every year. This infection is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis.

The bacterium that causes the infection on humans is found naturally inside human cells. The transmission of his bacteria can be thru vaginal, anal or thru oral sex. Most of the time, patients who has this infection doesn’t know that he has the infection. Symptoms are rare and may not show on persons who carry the infection. So most of time the persons who has this would usually go on with their usual activities and may compromise their health and the health of their partners in the long run.

Treatment For Chlamydia
If this infection remains untreated for a long period of time, then this infection can cause serious health troubles for the patient and this troubles can be in short term or for long term. This disease can be treated with the use of antibiotics. Some of the treatments that are often suggested include the intake of Azithromycin, the Doxycycline, the Tetracycline and the intake of the Erythromycin. There is an untested treatment as well that can be used and this is the intake of the Ciprofloxacin. It is suggested that 500 milligrams of this should be taken twice daily for three days. But this kind of treatment though available in the market is not yet approved for use as a method of treatment.

Generally for a person, who has this infection, two regimens are recommended and several alternate regimens are suggested as well. The treatment that will be best for you may vary on a number of factors. If you have a sharp memory and you think that you can remember to take the pills as suggested for seven days without fail, then this regimen might be right for you. But if a patient can find it difficult to remember all these things and he thinks that he cannot follow the suggestions, then a single dose regimen is suited for the person. The trouble with a single dose regimen is that this can be a bit pricier. The choice lies on the patient of course. Whatever regimen may be chosen by the patient, he can rest assured that the infection can be addressed.

The alternative regimens include the intake of Oflaxacin or the Levofloxacin and the intake of the third one which is the Erythromycin. But the Erythromycin is considered to be less effective if compared to the other two drugs. If a patient is being treated for this infection, it is suggested that the partner of the patient should be treated for this as well. This is necessary so that the infection will not transfer from the patient to the partner and vice versa. It is suggested as well that once treatment has been started, sexual activity should be stopped. And if it isn’t possible, it is suggested that the patient should use condoms for any kind of sexual activity.

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