Allegra school philosophies for learning

Learning Development

Touch, Feel, Smell, Hear and See are the sensory and motor experiences every child needs to develop their mind. In order to gather meaning from the world, children must have many satisfying sensory and motor experiences.

Allegra School is an early childhood education facility that contributes to the wholesome growth and development of the future citizens of the community. We provide a setting where people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds can work together for a common interest.

Allegra School is geared toward helping children develop positive habits of observation, questioning and listening. Children have an awareness of their own feelings and their right to express those feelings by sometimes channeling them into other means of expression. A program like Allegra School prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks.

The computer is an important learning tool for our children. We utilize pre-reading and reading software programs geared for ages three and older to help children understand and learn both necessary skills while having fun.

Learning Environment

At Allegra School you will see only pre-school games. No patterns to follow… only material with which to create. No complicated, abstract meanings children cannot comprehend … only ideas and things to talk about, relate to, compare with, fit into, try out, reinforce, invent, discover and most important enjoy. All the while your child is being continuously challenged by specific learning goals we have set for him or her.

All children will be treated as unique and special individuals. Creating a loving and caring environment is the foundation of our school. No form of discipline or punishment that violates a child’s rights will be permitted.

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