Accutane lawyer

Accutane Lawyer

As an Accutane lawyer, I have spoken with countless victims of Accutane side effects who are filled with rage and regret at the turn their lives have taken. These men and women are sick. Many suffer from Accutane inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, and have had to endure partial or complete colon removal. Others have given birth to a child with birth defects, and some have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts.

When the victims call our Accutane lawsuit phone number, their stories tell a tale everyone can sympathize with: When they began taking Accutane, they merely wanted to rid themselves of embarrassing acne and facial blemishes. They wanted clear skin – but not at the cost of their health. Not in exchange for life-changing Accutane side effects.

The idea of taking a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company to court can be daunting. Hoffman-La Roche, the manufacturer of Accutane, continues to defend its product and does not admit any wrongdoing. An Accutane lawyer must spend months preparing for court, gathering information to prove that a plaintiff’s injuries are the direct result of taking the acne medication. During trial, an Accutane lawyer will argue on behalf of the drug’s victims, detailing their stories and how their lives have been destroyed by side effects like Accutane ulcerative colitis.

Accutane lawyers have won their clients millions in damages. For example, Andrew McCarrell was awarded a staggering $25 million in damages for what presiding Judge Carol E. Higbee called, “probably the worst case of pain, suffering and loss of quality of life I ever heard described in my 18 years on the bench.” Other victims have also been awarded multi-million dollar Accutane settlements and jury verdicts as additional research and studies reveal evidence of the link between the drug and its side effects.

The attorneys at Balkin & Eisbrouch are some of the country’s leading Accutane lawyers, and are committed to fighting for the victims of Accutane side effects. If you or someone you love has suffered devastating side effects as a result of taking Accutane, call us to discuss how we can help. Your phone consultation is free, and we never charge for our services unless we win your case.

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