Smartmed Summit

SmartMed Summit consists of a suite of applications that
work together over wide-area Internet connections.

The main components of SmartMed Summit include the web services
module, the transcription module and the facility (hospital/clinic)

Secondary modules include a physician browser/electronic signature
module and various data interface modules for communicating with
external systems (“, “,
and custom interfacing are all available). Summit leverages modern
technologies and standards, making interoperation with customer
Information Systems as simple and smooth as possible. To facilitate
this interoperation, open standards and specifications are used
in favor of closed or proprietary standards, wherever possible.
For example, SmartMed Summit uses the ”
open file format specification for medical record documents.

SmartMed Summit offers advanced technology and expert
services in outsourced medical transcription and healthcare
information management.

Since 1981, Transcription Solutions, Inc. has provided
innovative and cost-reducing solutions for customers.

With the roll-out of SUMMIT,
our new electronic document platform, customer commitment
will reach even higher levels of success in terms of satisfaction
and guarantee of a job well done!

All systems are HIPAA compliant.

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